High School Education at BDWIS

At BDW International, we understand the immense pressure placed on students to perform during the crucial high-school years. Along with the efforts of our skilled teachers and facilitators and the wealth of learning laboratories for students, we will strive to provide a stress-free learning environment for the students.

SCIENCE LABS – Our Science and Robotics laboratories are specially equipped to encourage students to practically explore what they have learned theoretically. This inculcates in them the scientific temper of experimentation and validation. Our institution boasts well-equipped labs for physics, chemistry, and biology.

MATH LAB – Our innovative math lab facilitates the understanding and verification of various theories and concepts using manipulators and interactive mathematical tools.

COMPUTER LAB – Our state-of-the-art computer lab provides ample opportunities for students to gain exposure to the IT environment and learn to use various tools and software in their daily life.

Middle School Education at BDWIS

The curriculum takes on a broader as well as deeper perspective during this period. It focuses on a subject-based curriculum that includes engaging and rich assignments to accentuate the learning experience. We follow an integrated curriculum based on the pragmatic philosophy of education, which has been proven to foster creativity and originality. The classrooms are well-equipped, and our dedicated and highly qualified facilitators adhere to an interactive and student-centric teaching pedagogy. Some of the features of our middle-school program include:

Primary Education at BDWIS

We understand that the individuality of a developing Child’s brain is best stimulated via exploratory and hands-on activities, which assist in the growth of language, cognitive and psychomotor skills. To facilitate exploration, interrogation, and self-discovery, each of our primary classrooms is equipped with an attached play area where our trained teachers and facilitators engage with the students to assist in the development of language skills and concept formation.
Our primary curriculum concentrates on:

This enables young minds to make meaningful connections and foster curiosity about the world we live in.

Early Years Education at BDWIS

At BDWIS we believe that every child deserves the best start in life. And as a school we are committed to provide the required support so that the children reach their full potential. Children develop quickly in the early years, and a child’s experiences between birth and age five has a major impact on their life. A secure, safe and happy childhood is extremely important. Good parenting and exceptional quality learning during the early years provide the strong foundation that a child needs to make the most of his/her abilities and talents as they grow. BDWIS follows United Nation(UN) advocated Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) system in the school.
Learning in pre-primary classes at BDWIS happens through a combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated play activities. Teachers give high priority to the process of learning through practical, and first-hand experiences. The school has a well-planned activity and play areas both indoors and outdoors that helps the kids learn with fun and excitement. Children are encouraged to participate in the learning process and teachers promote an atmosphere where they will want to investigate and learn more. The Early Learning wing provides ample openings for young minds to record and develop early reading, writing and numeric skills with creative and imaginative adult support. The freedom and positive environment here makes them feel valued and happy.
Our early year’s foundation program is offered in three stages:
Nursery, K1, K2


There are three Prime Areas that are essential to a child’s healthy development and future learning. These include:

In addition to these prime areas, children also develop skills in five Specific Areas: